9 Practical Ways to Use Your Personal Trainer Certifications

personal trainer certifications

As a certified personal trainer, you’ve worked hard to earn your skills to help clients earn their fitness dreams. Now, it’s time to use those personal trainer certifications and build your business. 

Whether you want to work at a gym or offer online coaching, your personal trainer certifications open many doors. Here are nine helpful ways how to get certified as a personal trainer and take your career to the next level.

1. Offer Online Personal Training

Online training is convenient and flexible. With the right skills and tools, you can make a thriving virtual personal training business from anywhere. While in-person training at a gym is ideal, this can be a way to build your business if you prefer training people online. 

With that in mind, follow the steps below:

  1. Set up a skilled site to hype your services. Include your personal trainer certifications, experience, training programs, and client success stories.
  2. Present a free initial talk so potential clients can get to know you.
  3. Choose a video conferencing platform for virtual sessions. You may have Zoom or Skype and test them. Make sure you have good lighting and a distraction-free space. 
  4. During sessions, show exercises and watch clients check their forms. Give changes as needed to avoid injury.
  5. Create programs for clients based on their goals and abilities.
  6. Stay in regular contact with clients to keep them motivated. Message them, comment on their progress, and answer any questions.

2. Educate Through Social Media

Teach your followers by sharing your knowledge on social media. Posting regular tips, advice, and “how-to’s” on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is a great way to show yourself as an expert.


On Facebook, share short posts with training tips, exercises, or healthy recipes. For example:

  • “3 easy ways to boost your protein intake”
  • “The benefits of circuit training”


Instagram is ideal to post quotes and photos of proper forms for different exercises. You might share:

  • An image with text on how to do a push-up with the proper form and common mistakes to avoid.
  • A motivational fitness quote or mantra over a photo of workout equipment.


Video tutorials are an amazing way to teach and show your followers skills. You could make:

  • Step-by-step videos on how to use gym equipment
  • Home workout routines for different skill levels

3. Write Articles or Blog Posts

Once you’ve earned your personal trainer certifications, there are several ways to use it beyond with clients. To write and publish fitness-related content is an excellent option.

With that in mind, share your expertise by penning posts for your own blog or website. You can also pitch articles to online health and fitness publications. Focus on topics you’re skilled and passionate about, like:

  • Strength training
  • Diet myths 
  • How to stay active while traveling
  • Latest fitness trends

Remember, high-quality content positions you as an authority in your field. It also helps drive traffic to your website or business, builds your audience, and could even lead to new client referrals. 

4. Speak at Industry Events

When you speak at industry events, you set yourself as an expert in personal training and promote your personal trainer certifications.

In that sense, it would be best to:

Look for Opportunities

Search online for fitness, coaching, or personal training conferences and events in your area. Many event organizers are looking for skilled presenters and workshop leaders.

Build Your Presentation

Once you land a chance, craft an informative yet inviting presentation. Share practical tips, real-world examples, and actionable advice. Express how your trainer certification has shown you the ability and skills to help clients. 

Promote Your Services

At events, mention your personal trainer certifications and training services during your presentation. Provide attendees with your business cards or promotional flyers. Follow up with interested individuals after the event to further discuss how you might be able to train and coach them.

5. Create Programs for Gyms

As a certified personal trainer, you can create workout programs for gyms and fitness centers. Many gyms hire independent contractors to build programs tailored to their members’ needs and goals.

With that in mind, you can create programs for:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Functional training
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

The options are endless. Focus on programs you have experience that match your certification(s). For example, if you have a HIIT or TRX trainer certification, promote programs using that.

You can even charge $30-$100 per hour for group training programs, that depends on your experience and location. While the pay may start lower, it can help your income and build your client base through word-of-mouth marketing. Look for gyms that align with your training philosophies for the best partnerships.

6. Try Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are a great way to shake up your routine and challenge yourself in new ways. Many gyms and recreation centers offer classes like:

  • Spin class: Indoor cycling class with energetic music and an instructor guiding through sprints and climbs. 
  • Yoga: Slow, controlled movements and stretches. Helps increase flexibility and balance. Many varieties include hatha, vinyasa, and hot yoga.
  • Zumba: Dance-inspired aerobics class with Latin music. Burns calories and improves coordination while having fun.
  • Bodypump: Uses barbells and weights for a full-body workout. Squats, lunges, presses, and lifts to strengthen your muscles.

New classes expose you to different training styles and equipment. The group environment also gives motivation and accountability to push yourself. You can start with beginner classes and build up as your personal trainer certifications improve.

7. Organize a Fitness Retreat or Camp

A fitness retreat or camp is a great way to help others improve their health and wellness. As a certified personal trainer, you have the wisdom and skills to make an effective program for a multi-day event. Some steps to plan a successful fitness retreat include:

Choose a Theme

Know your central focus for your event, such as weight loss, strength training, or yoga. This will help set activities, meals, and marketing.

Find a Venue

Look for lodging with amenities suitable for exercise, like a gym, pool, or open outdoor space. Take into account a campground, retreat center, or hotel. Make sure there are options for different price points.

Create an Itinerary

Make a schedule of fitness classes, activities, workshops, and free time. Include a variety of exercises for all fitness levels. Also, give healthier meal options and snacks. If needed, allow for rest and recovery.

Market Your Event

To attract more people to your retreat, use various channels such as social media, your website, and local gyms. Offer discounts and bundle deals to attract attendees. 

Prepare in Advance

Work with the venue on logistics like room blocks, catering, and AV equipment. Create materials such as schedules, menus, signs, liability waivers, etc. Also, recruit other instructors and staff to assist during the retreat. Make sure you have all certification documents and insurance in place.

8. Do Collaborations with Health Professionals

When you create ties with health and wellness professionals in your area, you can help reach new clients. As a certified personal trainer, look for a chance to partner with:

Physical Therapists

Work with physical therapists to help rehabilitate their patients through customized exercise programs. Your certification shows you know how to progress clients with injuries or limited mobility in a safe manner.


Partner with nutritionists to offer clients comprehensive health and wellness plans. Provide exercise guidance while the nutritionist handles diet planning. 


Build relationships with doctors, especially those focused on sports medicine and rehabilitation. Ask if they will refer patients to you for personal training to help their recovery or wellness plans. Offer to give talks to their patients on the benefits of exercise.

Health Coaches

Collaborate with health coaches to develop customized wellness programs for shared clients. Work together to set exercise and lifestyle goals, then each focus on your area of expertise.

Look for win-win partnerships where you can cross-promote to each other’s audiences. Your personal trainer certifications show you have the knowledge and skills to collaborate.

9. Develop Your Own Fitness App

Having your fitness app is an ambitious goal, but it can be earned with the right skills and dedication. Some steps to get started include:

Define Your App’s Purpose

Focus on a specific goal to keep your app concise. Take into account your target audience and what would help them most.

Create Wireframes

Map out how your app will look and function. Fix features, screen formats, and how users will use the app. Get feedback from fitness professionals or potential users.

Develop and Test

Work with a developer to build the actual app. Rigorously test each feature on mobile devices to fix bugs before launch. Get certification from Apple or Google to distribute your app in their stores.

Market Your App

Create a website to promote your app. Reach out to influencers to spread the word. 

Be Proud of Your Trainer Certification, Get One Today

Having personal trainer certifications is an achievement that reflects your dedication to fitness and wellness. As you embark on this journey, remember that your certification is not just a piece of paper. It tells your help to lead healthier lives. 

So, take a chance and invest in your passion for fitness toward making a positive change in the lives of others. Get your online personal trainer certification today and have a 50% discount on your journey.

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