autism fitness certification

How to Get an Autism Fitness Certification

autism fitness certification

In 2019, people have become more aware of those who are differently abled. With shows like Atypical and movies like The Rosie Project (coming soon with Ryan Reynolds), people are becoming particularly accepting of those with more independent forms of Autism. While we might argue that this isn’t enough of a change, it is refreshing to see so many opportunities spring up for those with Autism, like coding classes and vocational training. An Autism Fitness Certification would go one step further by providing fitness education to people on the spectrum.

How Personal Training Helps Those with Autism

The benefits of consistent exercise are endless, especially for people with Autism. However, it can be tough for those on the spectrum to change their routines. For example: If they’re used to playing video games when they get home from work or school, it can be particularly difficult to convince them to do something else, something that seems like a chore at first.

Personal training from a trainer who understands the unique needs of people with Autism can help in many ways. It can:

  • Provide motivation to change sedentary routines.
  • Make getting active fun and engaging.
  • Reduce the frequency of emotional meltdowns.
  • Improve sleep habits.
  • Maintain better focus.

What Does an Autism Fitness Certification Entail?

The Special Strong Training Certification, an Autism Fitness Certification, uses the CBSE Training Model. This training modeled was created by the founder of Special Strong, a company that focuses on personal training for individuals with special needs. It teaches four major portions of special needs fitness training:

  1. Core, Balance & Flexibility

The right exercises can improve core strength, which in turn improves both balance and flexibility. A special needs personal trainer can discern between different core exercises and determine which ones are best for their clients’ needs.

  1. Brain & Sensory System

Grounding and staying present are very important for developing the sensory system. Exercise can be a great way to be in the moment, taking in nearly all five senses. This also improves focus and increases attention span.

  1. Strength & Muscle Development

Of course, weight loss and muscle development are benefits of routine exercise. Personal training can be great motivation to work out.

  1. Endurance & Stamina

Cardio exercises can grow endurance and stamina. This is great for developing personal fitness, but it’s also good for growing self-discipline. This means that those with Autism can learn to work on one project for longer periods of time.

How to Get an Autism Fitness Certification


The Special Strong Training Certification can help you grow in your career as a personal trainer, but it can also improve people’s lives. This ACE- and NASM-accredited certification program only requires applicants to study/take the course ($299), pass the exam and to have a CPR/AED certification.

Sign up for the online course today to get certified in Autism fitness. You don’t have to wait another second before pursuing your dream. If you have questions before you’re ready to sign up, give us a call at (214) 733-9870.

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