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certifystrong-Personal Trainer helping patient in wheelchair in the gym

What Is Inclusive Fitness Personal Training?

Fitness training should be available to all, as this is part of everyone’s health. However, people with disabilities have limited options, sometimes none, when it …

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certify strong- trainer discussing workout

How to Get a Special Populations Certification

Starting your trainer career may seem like a daunting task. There are so many untold opportunities, lots of fitness centers, and millions of special populations …

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What is the Best Special Populations Certification?

What is the Best Special Populations Certification?

Training special populations requires a lot of hard work and patience. It will also need certification before being personally training them. This is necessary as …

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certifystrong-Autism Fitness Certification vs Special Needs Certification

Autism Fitness Certification vs Special Needs Certification

Exercising and staying active is beneficial even to people with special needs or disabilities. Through Autism Fitness and Strong Education, they train more fitness coaches, …

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certifystrong-occupational therapist and client

Best AOTA Occupational Therapy CEU Courses

The AOTA Occupational Therapy CEU courses are now available to qualified applicants. These programs are best known for their quality continuing education and the benefits …

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certifystrong-Personal trainer in gym

Exercise Connection Autism vs Special Needs Certification

The huge employment gap in many industries is palpable. Autistic people are stripped of many untold opportunities due to their disability. This issue has been …

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