special needs autism fitness certification course

Learn How To Adapt Fitness & Nutrition To Help Adaptive and Special Needs

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Learn How To Adapt Fitness & Nutrition To Help Adaptive & Special Needs Individuals

special olympics texas special needs certification
autism speaks special needs certification
fox news special needs certification
abc news special needs certification
msn special needs certification
nbc news special needs certification
special needs autism fitness certification course

Who We Serve

Our adaptive special needs fitness and nutrition instructors have proudly served over 1,500 clients with disabilities, ranging from rare diseases to common conditions like autism.

Who We Educate

Learn to design workout programs and get easy step-by-step tactics for motivation and challenge behaviors through our online certification course for trainers and providers.

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Skills You'll Learn

With many different types of conditions, people are stuck in a “fight or flight” response due to their disability.  Triggers such as sound, lighting, or even trying something new can set someone off into a meltdown. In our course, we teach you how to navigate those meltdowns and use exercise as a tool to prevent future occurrences of meltdowns.

When you think about the step-by-step process of how a child learns to walk, it’s incredibly simple. We take that process and apply it to exercise through what we refer to as regressions and progressions. Many professionals refer to this as grading. We teach you how to break down complex movements, such as the squat, and progress it step by step to achieve mastery of the movement.

Learn how to use motivational interviewing for behavior change and redirect the attention of an individual with intellectual disabilities. People with special needs and other disabilities may be highly functional and able to independently participate in nutrition counseling, while other individuals need a parent or guardian present to help facilitate the counseling session. In our course, we teach you how to navigate all of these situations.

Nutrition recommendations can sometimes be difficult to translate to a plate. Additionally, someone with special needs or a disability may have nutrition goals that differ from their family, which can make meal planning difficult. This course will show you how to navigate taking nutrition recommendations and creating a meal for both the individual and their family.

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Our Inclusive Training Model (CBSE):


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Once you purchase the course, you’ll receive an email within minutes where you’ll be prompted to create a profile & get set up in our online database of local service providers (optional).

Take the Course

The course is online, and we utilize text documents, videos, and other interactive items to help you learn all the tips and tricks we’ve gathered when it comes to coaching people with special needs and other disabilities. The easy-to-understand course is designed for people without any prior training.

Put Education Into Action!

After you complete the course, you’ll have all the tools you need to be able to design adapted workouts and manage challenge behaviors, and more importantly – get results! If you have any follow-up questions, or need extra assistance, don’t forget we’re just a phone call or email away!


Susannah Special Needs Certification Testimony Cover Photo
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Watch Susannah Train Clients After Getting Certified

Even with a bachelor’s degree and several personal training certifications, Susannah didn’t feel knowledgeable or confident when it came to working with people who had special needs and other disabilities.  Watch as Susannah applies what she learns with her clients with adaptive special needs.

Doug Special Needs Certification Testimony Cover
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Watch Doug Share His Story from Across the World

For most of his life, Doug has been a certified personal trainer in Canada.  Watch how Doug shares about the new opportunities gained from this certification and how it’s given him the confidence he has always been looking for.

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Watch How Jennifer Combined Her Passions

Jennifer is a passionate personal trainer and special education teacher.  By taking our course, Jennifer was able to combine her passions and help more students with adaptive special needs in the classroom live a more independent and abundant life.

Approved and Accredited Provider

We believe getting the CEUs you need can be an enjoyable experience. It’s why we filled the certification course with useful lessons and exciting videos. And it’s why we provide dedicated support to make it easy to earn the CEUs your workplace requires. We are recognized by the following organizations:


Yes. Since the personal training industry is not governed by a state board, there are no  specific requirements to practice. We do recommend that you consider a nationally accredited training program to supplement your Special Education certification, but this is not a requirement to train clients.

Yes! Our certifications are individually approved for Personal Trainer Certifications, Occupational Therapists, Teachers, Recreational Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Adaptive Physical Ed, and other health care professionals. Check out the full list of approvals at the providers page for more information. 

Yes! Please visit our discounts page to learn more.

Of course! Many employers have continuing education slated into their budget.   For this reason, we’ve created a helpful template that you can customize and email to your employer.  You can download the Word dcoument here.

Our software indicates that it takes an average of 4-6 hours to complete each course.

As a part of what is included in purchasing a course, you’ll be given the option to opt-in or out of our online directory.  If you decide to opt-in, we will include your photo and a bio with a unique URL.  Once listed, you can be found by someone searching for the closest trainer in their zip code.

It really depends on your goals. At a minimum, you’ll have the knowledge you need to implement an adapted fitness program with people who have mental or physical disabilities.  You can be found on our online database (if you opt-in to be listed).  Additionally, many certified trainers implement our program into their current practice with their current clients by offering fitness training as an additional service offering. You can also use our certification in home or at select facilities that approve our specialty certification. Since we are nationally accredited through several organizations, many independently owned facilities accept our certification.

Once you are certified, you can call yourself an Adaptive Special Needs Trainer. You may list your Strong Education qualifications on a business card, resume, or website About/Qualifications page.

Qualifications should be listed in the following manner:

Adaptive Special Needs Group Instructor Certification
Adaptive Special Needs Nutrition Coach
Adaptive Special Needs Trainer Certification – Level 1
Adaptive Special Needs Trainer – Level 2

You cannot use the Special Strong brand name in any way unless you franchise with us. If you violate this, it is considered intellectual property theft and you are subject to fines and legal fees. Only franchising gives you the legal right to use the Special Strong name for business and/or promotional purposes.

Our course is an educational certification, so anyone can take the course and there are no prerequisites for enrollment.   If at any point you plan to use our certification to work with others, you must have a valid CPR/AED certification.

We have a 95% pass rate on all of our course tests.  The test is open book and you get three attempts.  We also offer email or phone support if need additional help to ensure that you pass the test and understand the material.

We’ve tested our program with over 1,000 individuals who have either a physical, sensory or cognitive disability with a very high success rate. We’ve also certified hundreds of professionals around the world. Check our testimonies page for more information.

Absolutely. We designed this certification to help anyone with a passion for fitness and people with special needs and other disabilities.

You have one year from the purchase date to access the online course and take the test. Once you take the course and pass the test, you are certified for life!

It’s very common for companies to order courses for staff members, or an individual order courses as a gift for someone else. To accomplish this, simply place an order for the desired courses using your personal information. In the notes section of the order, indicate the names of the individuals you are purchasing the course for. Once your order is placed, you’ll receive an email that you can forward to the recipients that you bought the course for, allowing them to enroll in the online courses.

Once you add a course to your cart and checkout, you can select a recurring payment plan. A recurring payment is linked to your PayPal, debit or credit card.

Refunds aren’t offered at this time.


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