How to Choose the Best Personal Trainer Insurance Policy

You may ask yourself if you need personal trainer insurance, and most probably, yes is the most likely response, and here’s why. Risk is inherent in the practice of personal training. During a session, clients may sustain injuries. For instance, a stray barbell poses a risk to their property. Or, they could become sick by eating one of the meals on your diet plan.

Unless you work as a personal trainer for a gym that includes personal training in its employee insurance policy, you have no protection in the event of an accident. That implies a customer can file a complaint against your business. You might have to pay for their medical expenses, fix their property, and compensate for additional losses if you’re held accountable.

Additionally, you will still be responsible for paying your attorney’s fees and missing work to attend any necessary hearings or meetings, even if your defense of the claim is successful. Fortunately, there is a specific personal trainer insurance you can avail of that can cover any of these related incidents.

Different Types of Personal Trainer Insurance

Even if your business provides some insurance, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) advise purchasing personal trainer insurance. An employer’s policy may only give limited coverage, and it’s doubtful you’ll be covered for any services you provide independently.

Before beginning work, you may need to provide a client or fitness center with a certificate of personal trainer liability insurance, as stipulated in your contract.

Personal trainers should carry at least two types of insurance: general liability and professional. The ACSM and the NASM are two of the most well-known certification organizations for personal trainers. These two organizations both advise their members to invest in these policies.

General Liability Insurance

Claims for bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury against the insured are often covered by general liability insurance. This insurance policy also covers the legal fees and settlement amounts related to those claims.

For example, if a client trips over a barbell during a session and breaks their arm, your liability policy covers their medical, legal, and settlement expenses. Similarly, if you accidentally damage a client’s laptop while demonstrating an exercise, your insurance will cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Professional Liability Insurance

Protect yourself from accusations of professional negligence, errors, omissions, and breach of contract with professional liability insurance, often known as errors and omissions insurance. The insurance policy will pay for any necessary legal representation or claim settlement.

Your professional liability insurance would protect you if, for example, a student sued you because your exercise class was too strenuous and caused them to tear a muscle.

Other Personal Trainer Insurance

If you run a larger training business, for instance, if you have your gym or employ other fitness instructors, you may require some supplementary insurance coverage.

Business Property Insurance

The destruction of company property or structures due to natural disasters, accidents, or other perils is the coverage of this insurance policy. For example, your landlord may insist on this condition if you rent their property for training. In addition, the expense of replacing the floor in your training room after a burst pipe would be covered by your commercial property insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This insurance policy covers commercial vehicles transport trainers and their clients to and from training sessions. Costs associated with injuries, deaths, and property damage sustained in accidents are compensated. Your commercial vehicle insurance policy would cover fixing the client’s garage door if you damaged it while leaving their home.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Damage to an organization’s bottom line due to cybercrime, such as data theft, hacking, or ransomware, covers this insurance policy. Cybersecurity insurance can be useful if your company stores sensitive consumer information, such as medical or financial records or credit card details.

You might not need to buy separate data breach insurance if you already have general liability insurance and add the appropriate endorsements.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This insurance policy covers employees’ medical costs in the event of an on-the-job illness or injury. In the United States, workers’ compensation insurance is mandated by law in most states. Your company’s workers’ compensation insurance would pay your trainer’s medical bills if they tripped over a yoga ball and injured their knee.

Personal Trainer Insurance Cost

Personal trainers spend an annual average of $412 for general liability insurance, while some may pay less and others may need more coverage. Premiums may vary based on your firm’s size, location, revenue, employee count, and chosen coverage options.

Top Insurance Options for Personal Trainers

There are a plethora of options when it comes to insuring your personal training business. Insurance companies that specialize in covering personal trainers include the following:

Next Insurance

Next Insurance asserts they are the one-stop-shop for all your commercial insurance requirements. They specialize in fitness insurance and promise a quick quote and discounts of 10% or more if you bundle multiple plans with them.

Furthermore, their website contains helpful details on the many policies an insurance personal trainer may want and why they are important. In addition, they provide in-depth explanations of some of the most often asked topics by fitness instructors. Last but not least, Next guarantees coverage in less than 10 minutes.


Insurance from Hiscox is both quick and cheap. In addition, they provide worldwide protection, making them an attractive option for businesses that provide online training courses.

Moreover, Hiscox is perfect for reaching customers worldwide and running a virtual company. Remember that their cost is higher than that of certain competing options. However, to understand more specifics about their policies, you should contact and speak to an agent.

Insure Fitness Group

When it comes to physical fitness, Insure Fitness Group seems to have you covered. They range from individual trainers to Pilates instructors to fitness classes. Furthermore, they state they provide quick coverage for as little as $17 per month.

Insure Fitness Group also offers the quick certification printout that NASM provides, which is included with every policy. You can save money on dental and eye insurance, as well as coverage for lost or stolen gear.

ACE Liability Insurance

Trainers, whether or not they have earned the Ace Certification, are covered by Ace’s insurance. If you are an Ace-certified, however, you can save more money. They’re proud that you’re covered even if you train outside and provide policies for one or two years.

Additionally, the fact that Ace is a nonprofit with a stellar reputation in the health and fitness industry is a major selling point.

Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance

Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance provides liability coverage for personal trainers in the United States for as little as $174 monthly. General liability insurance for personal trainers is one of many coverage options on their website. Coverage is provided for various fields, including personal trainers, amateur sports, children’s amusement, and many more.

National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) Insurance

The National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) has collaborated with Next Insurance to provide personal trainers with affordable insurance policies starting at $11 monthly. They provide fitness professionals with general and professional liability insurance through a relationship with Next.

NASM also said you could include “unlimited insured,” meaning a gym, client’s house, park, etc. At long last, you can save a copy of your insurance verification to hang up in your office.

Idea Health & Fitness Association

The Idea Health & Fitness Association claims to provide the most comprehensive services at the most affordable rates. They also provide insurance for medical expenses, legal defense costs, and venue damage.

Steps on Getting Your Personal Trainer Insurance

The following three considerations should guide your search for an ideal insurance for personal trainer:

1. Assess Needed Coverage Types and Desired Amounts

Think about the day-to-day procedures at your company. Assessing risks aids in determining necessary personal training insurance and additional policies.

2. Compare Prices from Various Companies

To begin comparing insurance plans, you can either consult a broker, use an online marketplace, or get in touch with insurance companies directly. You may prefer one of the latter two options unless you have particularly intricate insurance requirements, such as when managing a gym with many trainers.

Working with a broker may slow the process, but using a marketplace or contacting providers directly to receive prices can be much quicker and more convenient.

3. Research Different Insurance Companies

It is wise to compare insurance rates from different companies before settling on one. Think about the following as you weigh your choices:

  • What are the premiums for the plan?
  • What exactly is covered?
  • How well the company takes care of its clients.
  • Opinions and problems voiced about the service.

After buying your personal trainer insurance policy, familiarize yourself with adding an extra insured and obtaining a certificate.

Safeguard Your Fitness Future with the Right Insurance Protection

If you want your fitness business to continue and thrive, getting the finest personal trainer insurance policy is essential. You can protect your professional and financial future by carefully analyzing your risks, weighing your coverage alternatives, and selecting a reliable insurance company. With the right insurance, you can focus on helping clients safely achieve fitness goals.

But before getting the right personal trainer insurance, be certified first. To get your personal trainer certification, you can sign up today!

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