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Pamela Sparks Special Needs Certification Testimony

I would recommend Strong Education to anyone looking to add to their credentials and expand their knowledge on training clients with special needs. This course gives specifics that I would not have known otherwise. Having taken this course, I now feel confident in safely training a client with special needs

Pam S.

Personal Trainer in Canada

This course provides an excellent and comprehensive opportunity to learn not only about different conditions that impact the clients I serve (primarily those with intellectual disabilities: Down Syndrome, autism spectrum, Aspergers, dementia) but also cystic fibrosis and stoke. The course is well laid out and easy to follow including text and videos. I had a minor technical problem, but contacted the company and they were very quick to help me solve it!  I have already used the included class lesson plans and interventions with some new clients! I look forward to helping serve this underrepresented (especially in group fitness and personal training) community at my JCC as well as other direct support service centers!

Susannah G.

Personal Trainer in Pennsylvania

I took the Special Strong certification to enhance my knowledge as a trainer for my special needs clients.  After finishing the courses, I was immediately able to implement what I learned with my clients.  It gave me a better understanding of their needs and how to address them using the CBSE model. During COVID-19, I was also able to get a few of my special needs clients to virtually train. One of my clients has lost ten pounds in the past five weeks! I highly recommend this course for any professional who plans on using fitness with the special needs population.

Jenna R.

Personal Trainer in Texas

Great course with fantastic information. I will now have the confidence and background to effectively work with the special needs population. Can’t wait to start implementing in our practice!

Jason S.

Personal Trainer & Gym Owner in Texas

Liam Minett Special Needs Certification Testimony

I just completed my “Special Strong(R) Trainer Certification – Level 1” course. Found the content, format and assessment great and to a high standard. It’s definitely not a tick and flick course. It was a missing skillset I was looking to fill and add. Couldn’t find anything else to this caliber considering it has so much great practical validated application. I learned a lot and already applying it to clients with success!

Liam M.

Personal Trainer in Australia

The CBSE model is great to know when working with this specific population. It is backed up by information that has been proven with many clients and results are showing! I can’t wait to integrate this into my practice! Great job folks!

Courtney C.

Personal Trainer in Washington

Courtney Couch Special Needs Certification Testimony

If you are interested in training clients with special needs this is the course you need. The course is informative and I the staff is very helpful. Highly recommended.

Santo S.

Parent & Personal Trainer in New York

A well-rounded course that has allowed me to add a special needs program to my karate school. I learned a lot and appreciate all of the love and support!

Jesus G.

Karate Instructor & Studio Owner in Texas

Jesus Gonzalez Special Needs Certification Testimony.
Lisa Stahl Special Needs Certification Testimony

As a former Early Childhood Educator, I have been looking for a course that ties together my passion for educating all learners to my career as a Certified Personal Trainer. Special Strong has been a perfect match and is a wonderful compliment to my past teaching experience. That being said, the course material was also extremely informative without being too heavy for those who have minimal experience working with a special strong population. Special Strong is an amazing program and I am so excited to begin this next chapter.

Lisa S.

Educator & Personal Trainer in Massachusetts

I knew after reading the testimonials, reviews, and the program modalities that Special Strong was going to be a perfect addition to my Special Needs Yoga – REALLY GLAD I wasn’t wrong! The presentation of material, course work itself, and connectivity I had to the staff was awesome – unparalleled actually. Great Value – Highly Recommend!

Alex P.

Yoga Instructor in Texas

Alexandra Powell Special Needs Certification Testimony
Ciara Catherine Thomson Special Needs Certification Testimony

I have taken many classes in my lifetime, and hold several degrees and certifications. I don’t say this lightly when I say that the Special Strong Certification was one of the most rewarding, insightful, empowering, and challenging courses I’ve ever taken. The skill with which it is designed and implemented is above and beyond some of the “top” programs out there. The great thing about taking this course is that Daniel and his team teach you how to understand and relate to special needs clients with every potential ability you can think of, and also, how to apply evidence-based information to truly serve and support your special needs clients with the efficacy and competence that every client deserves. You will learn so much, and while the material is personable and easy to understand and apply, you will be challenged at a level that will also promote your individual growth as a fitness professional, and gain an extensive understanding and additional skill set that will qualify you to truly make a positive impact on one of the greatest groups of people with whom you will ever encounter!

Ciara C.

Parent & Personal Trainer in Arizona

I learned an entirely different format of training through this certification. Before completing this program, it was very routine for me to change the exercises every session for my main stream clients. I quickly learned that applying my previous style of training would not work for the special needs population. The study material really gives you an insight on how to program and design for individuals with special needs. One of the most memorable and fascinating aspects of this program was learning the neuroscience portion. Taking the time to complete the necessary steps in training this population is 100% beneficial for anyone looking to assist and progress in this field.

Sonia T.

Personal Trainer in Texas

Sonia Torres Special Needs Certification Testimony

The Special Strong certification course was full of great information where I learned how to incorporate proper communication tools, safety procedures, and furthered my knowledge on the special needs population. You also get to learn about the CBSE model they implement and the science behind the program and why it’s so effective. My favorite aspect of it was learning about how brain integration movements help the special needs population become more independent and live an abundant life! If you have a passion for the special needs community and a desire to further your education within, I highly recommend this course!

Alex L.

Personal Trainer in Texas

Just Completed the Level 1 trainer certification through Special Strong. Loved the course including the various video training examples. I learned more about the various types of challenges and techniques for successful training in this population. The philosophy is consistent with our Christian beliefs. I will use the knowledge I have gained to continue our mission at Jacob’s Ladder Special Needs Fitness.

Tony D.

Parent and Professional in Ohio

The Special Strong certification course was full of great information where I learned how to incorporate proper communication tools, safety procedures, and furthered my knowledge on the special needs population. You also get to learn about the CBSE model they implement and the science behind the program and why it’s so effective. My favorite aspect of it was learning about how brain integration movements help the special needs population become more independent and live an abundant life! If you have a passion for the special needs community and a desire to further your education within, I highly recommend this course!

Akiliah M.

Personal Trainer & SLPA in Texas

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years.  After taking the Special Strong courses, I was able to start working with special needs clients.  I can truly say that I have found my calling working with this population.  Had I not taken these courses and had this education, I would not have had this opportunity.  Thank you for helping me uncover my calling and passion through your program!

Lee S.

Personal Trainer in Texas

I am not a personal trainer, but I have always had a passion for therapist.  I’ve been doing recreational therapy for over twenty years and took the Special Strong courses to combine my passions.  I am not tech savvy and have never done an online course, but I found the courses easy to navigate and easy to understand.  I was surprised how well I retained the information, considering it was all online.  The videos were very helpful!  Since taking the courses, I’ve started group classes and work with a few private clients using my Special Strong certifications.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for fitness and special needs!

Cindy E.

Recreational Therapist in Texas

The Special Strong curriculum has provided me with knowledge to train clients with special needs. Each course is insightful and applicable. I now have the confidence to teach healthy lifestyle choices. This Special Strong coursework is worth the time and investment!

Berkleigh B.

Personal Trainer in Michigan

The Special Needs Certification Program has helped me find creative ways to get my son more active without putting too much pressure on him. We turn exercises into fun ways to “compete” with each other, while he works on his coordination and balance. When he feels like he is good at something, he continues to be motivated. Parker faces challenges in traditional PE environments, and at times he needs opportunities to create his own rules. We incorporate things like “How many times can you Cross-Crawl before you lose your balance.” He’ll make up a bunch of arbitrary rules to feel like he has some control over it, and he unknowingly works his core stability in the process. We’re also getting more time together, and taking more breaks from the television. I am so thankful I invested in the Special Strong courses to help my son!

Adam S.

Parent & Professional in Texas

Coming from both the psychology field as well as the fitness industry I found the Special Strong courses a very helpful enhancement to my previous knowledge in the field. It was especially helpful when coming up with different types of exercises for my group fitness classes with individuals that have autism and other Intellectual/Developmental disabilities. I have started incorporating more cross-body exercises with my special needs clients and was able to provide more types of modifications for them.  After taking all of the Special Strong courses, I can say it was well worth it and I highly recommend taking them!

Declan S.

Personal Trainer in New York

As the mom of an adult son with an Intellectual Disability and a Special Educator I found this program to be informative and well done!  I learned about putting together a great fitness program for individuals with special needs.  I loved all of the video modeling done throughout the program. I am super excited to see where this certification takes me and how I can combine my two passions of fitness and teaching individuals with special needs.

Kathrine M.

Special Educator Teacher & Parent in Texas

Passionate, professional, purpose-driven. These words describe Special Strong and Strong Education. They also perfectly exemplify the values behind the founder, Daniel Stein. I recently took Strong Education’s online course and received the Special Strong Certification-Level 1. The course is set up extremely well, with short videos that complement the course content and tie everything together. If you work with the special needs population, as I do, or are the parent of a young person with special needs, you could truly benefit from checking out Special Strong today.

Christine F.

Therapeutic Professional in Texas

From the start, it was clear to me that Special Strong and its founder are mission-driven. The depth and breadth of the courses are vast but a few of the technical components that I learned were an understanding of the different types of special needs, how to recognize warning signs of behavior escalation and ways to resolve, progression/regression in workouts, the different nutrition needs, and how to design and manage group instruction programs. Also, the video library is incredible! I am excited to use what I learned to change lives in my community. Don’t delay – invest in these courses!

Tim C.

Club Manager in Iowa

I took the Special Strong certifications to increase my knowledge with training those with special needs. The information in the courses provided me with a greater understanding not just from a physiological stand point, but from a behavioural one as well. The articles included we incredibly informative and the video library provided first hand demonstration of the CBSE system. All programs begin with a good system, and the CBSE is clear and provides a strong direction to help special needs clients reach their goals. Thank you Special Strong/Strong Education!

Doug S.

Personal Trainer in Canada

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